A world shaped by the hands of Gods.
A history long lost barely lingers on the minds of even the most ancient of the realm’s denizens.
A corrupted peace woven by man will soon be shaken to it’s very core.

In a world all too familiar to most adventurers lies the Empire of Erathis. It’s capitol; Meterathi. This metropolis is the hub of all things civilized on the eastern part of the continent thanks to the empire’s burgeoning, and very zealous, military. Headed by The Erathian Consulate, the expansion of the empire has been ceaseless and swift consuming all lands they can reach. The progress of man has forgone the teachings of old as man turns a deaf ear to legends and faerie tales in favor of expanding civilized thought. Something stirs beneath the surface of this world and civilization will be tested.

Paragon's Price

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