Paragon's Price

Tanya's log 2

After we woke up from our rest at the farm house we made our way to town. We where met by 2 guards that told us not to enter the town. However we had to get past them in order to find hinevam so we ignored there attempts to stop us mumbling about a curse. However once we got into town we noticed that there warnings where more then just mumbles. The entire town had been placed under a curse that made them look like were-rats. After speaking to the head office she told us that the guards where not the town guard and they had no idea why they where there. We asked about Hinevam but she knew nothing. We made our way to the market place, we where met with some pick-pockets that Trixie quickly gave some tough love to and straightened them out. She is a bit quirky but I am growing rather fond of her as a companion, she will be a good example for Tiffany and Elise and if anything happens to me I know that both her and Dasneil will see to it that they are safe. After the market place we found ourselves in an ally walking back when we where attacked by a group of were- rats and a guy claiming to be something called a paragon. Though Paragon as he might have thought he was he made the mistake of not knowing his enemy and after getting the kids to safety we where able to force him to flee into a hole into the ground that he made. After that we met up with an old Dragonborn named Ixen Isk. He told us of the Paragons as much as he could but was afraid that if he gave us to much knowledge that we would be trapped in his other dimension house with him forever. Ixen agreed to allow the children to stay with him in his home while we went to search for Hinevam because time flows differently there and it would not seem like we where gone for very long. We made our way into an underground mines and we found traces of Hinevam’s cloths so we rushed in to save him. We where met by 2 Giant living hands that had mouths where there palms are. We quickly dispatched them though I think Trixie might need some therapy after this is all said and done. We traveled further into the mines until we found a huge room full of were-rats and hand monsters. The “Paragon” that jumped us earlier in the ally was standing on the top of a of a ledge with 5 people bound and blindfolded. We noticed the pink skin and the tail of one of them to be Hinevom so we rushed in to save him.

We where able to take care of the were-rats with little effort but the strange magical circle made us very nervous. We where not in time to stop the ritual that took place, we got Hinevam out of there as well as the rest of the sacrifices. Though apparently they did not need them at all because the were- rat was able to summon there god. The body was a mass of flesh that looked like it was just a mass of body parts thrown together. Torynn, Champion of Garretson and I where able to hold off the monster until the rest of the group was able to burn it alive with the coal and fire of the mines. For a split second we thought the battle was won but we where wrong. The god emerged from the molten rock and was ready for a second round. Just as we thought this might be the end for us a hole blew open in the wall and 2 men came fourth. One of them flew straight at the monster dealing heavy blows with his mighty hammer. While the other came with us and guided us out of the room. We found a lift that took us up and out of the mines. The god broke free of the building with its now massive size and proceeded to follow us. We saw a platue in the distance that looks like the one that Hobo kept describing to us. Then out of freaking no ware this large construct looking monster appeared and destroyed the god with just 1 punch. Now it has it’s sights set on us and I find myself thinking that I am glad that we left the children in another dimension.

Trixie's Log: Strange Dream?

While sleeping, I had an odd dream where a feathered dragon attacked me. Just as it was about to eat me, I awoke. Instead of waking in the farm, I awoke in a tavern in with my companions Tanya and Dazneil. Four strangers were there, named Valera, Bob, Jim, and Nala.

There was a knock on the door. A halfling walked in, named Trick Newmoon. He claimed we were in the fae realm. The queen has been acting weird and has been bringing mortals in. He intercepted us, which probably saved our lives.

As we walked through the tavern, it seemed strange. Everything seemed familiar while still being foreign. He sat us down at a table to explain. Apparently while we were there, we were still at the farm sleeping. He showed us this through the table, like it was a portal. Our souls were pulled to that realm. Our bodies in the realm were slightly altered. My facial features and tail were much more squirrel-like. Also, whenever I talked, I couldn’t exactly be honest. I could only say the truth in a sarcastic manner or in a round about way.

Anyway, he said the queen’s agents were probably on their way to intercept us. Per his suggestion, we headed North towards an entrance to the queen’s castle.

As we were finishing up breakfast, a loud knock on the door startled us. Behind the door, we heard the queen’s guards demanding entrance. Trick motioned for us to exit through the kitchen. After we retreated into the kitchen, we heard Trick arguing with a guard.

A waitress told us about a backdoor which is in the guards’ sight which they are not knowledgeable about. Or we could exit through the door they couldn’t see but it was possible they had guards behind that door.

We snuck out the backdoor while Jim juggled to distract the guards and motivate others to dance and be distracting. We all snuck out, but Jim was clawed by something and said they know we went out through the backdoor.

After emerging, I saw a mirrored frame of our realm. It was more vivid, beautiful. Although I felt amazed and in awe of this beautiful world, I had to keep reminding myself of our priorities. I snuck around the front to see what’s there and saw three griffins. We retreated to the forest to escape the guards.

In the forest, we found a certain type of flower that leaned in our direction.

We traveled for a bit, but eventually became tired. Dazneil performed a ritual to make a hut big enough for our entire party. I had first watch and nothing eventful happened.

When we woke up, the forest was much different. The forest was snowcovered and the trees and foliage were dead. Suddenly, it was winter.

I went hunting and couldn’t find much if anything except two foxes. I decided to not kill them, since it would be an insufficient amount of food for our party.

I climbed up a tree and realized the castle seems to have shifted it’s direction. Upon inspection, the castle had changed its location.

Dazneil felt that if we continued north, we would still be approaching the castle so we continued north.

The snow turned crimson as we continued north, as it was a battlefield. It seemed to have been recent. The bodies were still warm. It was so odd. There were no survivors. Covered by the snow were tracks from the north.

We slept and there were no incidents during my watch. When I awoke, it was autumn. There was a small opening in a wall nearby with a gate closing the gap. A man was there, a half goat, half man creature.

After three riddles, we were allowed passage. After entering the castle, we stumbled into a large chamber.

Towards the back, there was an altar with a woman standing by it. It was Valera’s mother.

“I see my guests have finally made it to the party.”

She had a small dragon on her arm. After beckoning us into the room, she claimed she would extract our souls.

Apparently, Valera’s mother created this world for her but Valera left. Queen erupted with feral magic which quieted everyone except for Tanya and myself. We felt quieted but still had some control over ourselves.

We were all summoned here to be sacrificed for Valera’s future. She wanted to concur the other realm.

We saw hanging cages from ceiling with purple flames inside. I could feel a strong magical power coming from them.

A fae giant came in with a cage on its back and set it down in the middle of the room. In the cage were two individuals. The giant (Gregg) began to attack us.

We killed the queen and seriously injured the giant. Then we began jumping through the mirror, one by one.

I woke up in my body again without my squirrel-like features. My heart rate was through the roof and my breathing was rapid and heavy. Was that a dream, or something more?…

Star log 1

Star log

Meet an old man on the side of the road who was missing his eyes his name in Horbordigain.

Found a shrine:
“Ohh pilgrim’s pay omage to the heros of the auric order” could they be the same as legend?

Found a magic mirror leads to the Fay

Meet a high elf Sumestil two drows Tobla Tosla. Was honorable but needed to be defeated.

Fought an giant that’s was threatening locals.

Stayed at a Farm house, Holland, regina, Elise, johnathan. owners turned out to be quite unfriendly.

Tanya's dream

To whom might be reading this in the future, weather it be my future self or whoever finds this I implore you to not judge me or the rest of my writings on the insanity that is about to follow.

I awoke in an inn with a similar feeling to the one that Philadox Arcadia puts out. Though I had the comfort of seeing both as weTrixie Grayll as in theDazneil Star room with me the rest of my allies where missing. They have been replaced by an eladrin by the name of Valera I think it was and the 2 Orc brothers Bob and Jim. The strangeness did not stop there however, I also awoke to find that I had grown some kind of horns from my head for some reason!! It made me a bit glad that Tiffany was not around as it would have been very hard to explain what was happening to us. Speaking of tiffany she was not with us and panic began to set it. Seconds after waking up we where met with a knock at the door. When we opened it we where met with a Randell Halfmoon impostor. He said that he ran the inn that we where staying at and he would like to tell us what was going on over some breakfast. After we got ready we decided to take him up on his offer in hopes of getting answers. He told us that there was a queen that took our souls from our bodies and tried to send them to her castle but this knockoff halfmoon was able to intercept our souls from her? So what he was telling us was that our souls where here but our bodies where back where we last fell asleep. To be honest i’m not sure how much of that story I really believe but for the moment it was all of the information that we had. Proving some of his story true the inn doors where opened and a few of the queens minions came in looking for us. We hid in the backroom for a while to come up with a plan. The plan was simple, we create a diversion and sneak out the back while the guards are distracted. The plan was half executed when we found out that Jim was an expert juggler and performer for the circus where is is from along with his brother. So Jim got the inn up and dancing and at that moment Bob started to EAT THE FUCKING WALL!! I kid you not future me this strange Orc from the circus just ate a hole in the wall of the Inn. It was one of the most ludicrous things I have ever seen and once again thank god the children where not around because clearly eating stone is not something that you teach children. However strange as it might have been thanks to his wall eating we where able to escape the Inn and make it into the nearby forest and be on our way to the castle. The queen apparently has a mirror that was going to set us free and back to our ow world and real bodies and at this point I was getting really tired of this upside down world. We went into the forest only to find that the castle looked like it was moving. After a quick check Dazneil and Valera where able to get us in the right direction and we made our way north until we found the gate of the castle. We where met by some kind of half man-goat looking thing that asked us for the answers to riddles in order to pass. At this point I was just about fed up with the strangeness of this crazy world and was ready to force the gate open at sword-point if need be. However Jim, despite the way he carries himself and his seemingly lack of any kind of education at all was able to get the answers to most of the riddles. I had a new respect for the Orc. Once we where in the castle we where met with a witch that calmed to be Valera’s mother. Honestly I had no idea that dream characters had mothers but it was fine. A giant brought out 2 cages holding Gael’Ceol and A drow that I have never seen before. After trapping the Giant in a frozen tomb we proceeded to make quick work of the witch and freed the captives. After defeating the witch we found the mirror leading back to our own bodies. I jumped into it and awoken with the children sleeping soundly next to me just the way I left them. That is the last time I eat Torynn, Champion of Garretson cooking before bed.
Trixie's Log

After waking up, I went hunting so save our rations. Although I brought back a sufficient amount of rabbits,Torynn cooked them wrong… and barely skinned them. Even though she has cooking equipment, she’s not good at it…. at all. I don’t care how much she claims she’s done it a bunch before. No, she’s crap at it. I think she’s messed up my hunt more often than made something decent. I should just insist on cooking next time, this is ridiculous.

Anyway, after traveling for a bit, we encountered an elderly man named Hobordegan whose eyes were gouged out. They were clean, like he never even had them. He could see something, though. A beautiful plateau. I don’t know how, whether an image is being projected into his mind or if his eyes are placed near a plateau. Regardless, we couldn’t just leave him there so I offered him some water and guided him as we journeyed on.

We found something, ruins I think, and Dazneil decoded what it said,

“All pilgrims pay homage to the heros of the Auric Order.”

The Auric Order helped control chaos at some point. To stand here, reminded of their history and hard work, was inspiring. I felt motivated to help keep chaos at bay.

We knelt, to show honor and respect, while Frederic… relieved his bladder…

As we approached the mountain, we found a slightly broken mirror against a tree. Dazneil mended it and it changed somehow. We felt an aura come over us. Tiffany and Dazneil started to walk toward the mirror. Tanya kept Tiffany from walking forward more and Frederic did the same to Dazneil. Although those of us who were unaffected only saw reflections from a typical mirror, Dazneil and Tiffany claim to have seen something dark and horrifying. Dazneil, after coming to his senses, realized it’s a fae gate. We placed it facedown and covered it with foliage. We traveled half an hour further before we setup camp. Just as we were about to begin resting and my watch, a slender elven being and two dark elf women approached. Claiming they are pilgrims, they asked to join our shelter.

Upon inspection, they were garbed in religious attire and the man had a scimitar. They were in search for the temple we left recently and Frederic decided to tell them we blew it up…. __ so…. yeah. They were freaked out by it a little. This is why we shouldn’t talk to anyone…

Anyway, they wanted to go there for something to do with religion, I don’t know. My patience was starting to run dry by this point. We just wanna sleep, shut up… Religion blah blah blah God blah blah blah. And then Frederic began taking off all his rings while Summerstill looked more and more frustrated… This made me almost regret zoning out… almost.

Well, that’s when Summerstill got really angry and intimidating. Apparently it’s the ring of Caern… They all attacked us, and since Torynn yelled for some reason, it threw me, and the rest of my party, off… He drew his scimitar and began to dance? I don’t know, but something about it seemed magical. It suddenly made me feel like I was in slow motion.

They pretty much kicked our butts for a while. I couldn’t hit him with an arrow, I guess he had a shield? I don’t know… But then the fire attacked us all and a bunch of other crap… it hurt us all a lot. He even made two duplicates appear. Nothing was stopping his dancing for a while.

Frederic, finally doing something smart, handed the ring over to Summerstill….. Or so I thought. He then stabbed Summerstill in the back, or at least it was a duplicate. As they left, Torynn attacked them… sigh I used Hail of Thorns and ended the battle. The least we could do was get Frederic’s ring back, but Tabla ran away, carrying their unconscious (dead?) bodies. Dazneil was unhappy with Frederic and lectured him. Of course, no impact was made.

Side note, definitely glad I brought extra rations with Torynn’s cooking and now with Hobordegan requiring substance. Looks like Tanya may run out soon since she’s also feeding Tiffany.

We stumbled upon a farm with halfeaten cows. A two headed giant demanded the cows so we attacked decided to attack it. That is when a farming family came out of the farm demanding the cows remain alive. The old farmer, Holland, charged at the giant and it chopped the farmer in half, threatened to attack us next. I finished it off within two attacks. Tanya rushed over to Holland, reviving the old man and Dazneil healed him. The family was so grateful so they allowed us to stay the night.

They told us about the rat problem they’ve been having. It turns out Holland and Hobordegan are brothers, so we returned him home. He was in the mountains to investigate and, in the process, lost his eyes.

As we stayed in the room to pretend to sleep, Frederic snuck into the basement to investigate. As I was lying in bed, I noticed Holland and Regina come in, holding knives, in giant rat form. Dazneil attempted to neutralize the threat but blew the ceiling open and wooden boards fell on our party. I downed Holland in two shots, Torynn killed Regina quickly, and slammed Jonathan hard. As he tried to run, Tanya used Hold Person to keep him in the room. It didn’t work so she ran in front of him. He pushed past her and ran out of the farmhouse. Dazneil ran after him and killed him.

We hid the bodies so Elise wouldn’t have to see her dead family members. Tanya has, once again, adopted a rat girl. I don’t know what void she’s trying to fill with rat girls, but it’s weird and uses up a lot of rations. Once again, I’m really glad I brought extra and am capable of hunting.

Also, Frederic needs to stop poking everyone with his rapier. I realize he’s a competent warrior but he’s unable to follow orders half the time. If he was born into the Tabaxi clan, he would have had no place. We all need to be useful, and although he has his uses, it seems outweighed by his lack of discipline and impulsivity.

Tanya's Traigador Journey

We started off the day with some rabbits that Trixie Gray was able to find for us and Torynn was able to cook for us. Today we found an old man that had no eye’s in his head and Dazneil Star was able to tell us that he lost his eyes due to some kind of magic. Honestly i’m not sure what kind of vile magics did such a thing but I do hope for his swift recovery. The old man was in need of help so we decided to take him with us, his blindness slowed down our movement a bit but we couldn’t just leave him there.

Later we found a broken mirror propped up against a tree that gave us all a really odd feeling. Dazneil was able to put it back together and told us that it was a fey portal or something like that. After looking into the portal we chose to leave it where it was after I put it face down in order to avoid any unwanted visitors.

We where approached by 3 elves while we where setting up camp for the night. There leader told us that he was attempting a pilgrimage in order to become a paragon for his god. Honestly he seemed like a good enough fellow until he attempted to steal the ring that Frederic had by force. To be fair Fredric did tell them that we destroyed the place that they where looking for. Sometimes his attitude gets us into trouble and I think he might be suited for other work rather then adventuring. After a scuffle that did not last long I was able to thin there ranks with a new lightening spell that I have been practicing. I am happy to say that I really feel like I have mastered it so far. Trixie was able to put down the second elf before they fled. Honestly i’m not sure why or how but they did manage to get Fredric to hand over his ring. I am assuming that we did not see the last of them as I still have some magic from the shrine that they are seeking myself, however it will be a cold day in hell before I hand it over to them.

After a nights rest and a bit more walking we ran into what looked like a farm house. The farm quickly turned into a battle ground as we where attacked by a 2- headed giant. We where able to take it down but not before it was able to kill the old man that lived in the farm. Luckily enough I was able to get to him before his body went cold and was able to bring him back from the dead. “Honestly first time I’ve tried that so i am very glad it worked”, or at least I was for a bit until I found out that the entire family that lived there where Were-rats just like Tiffany. However they where looking to eat us in order to regain some of there strength. We were able to dispatch the family before anyone in our party was terribly injured. I did not have the heart to leave the little girl there with no family and Tiffany deemed to get along with her well enough so I took her with us as well. When I finally get back to Meterathi I will need to see about getting a home for these girls to live in as well as start giving them an education. Times are tough and they will need every advantage they can get. I do hope that I will be able to keep these girls safe at least until I can get them a proper home. A quest like this is no place for these children and when Tiffany went missing today at the farm house I was scared beyond belief that something had happened to her. People will be after her because of what she is and now there is another one to look after. Elise is a nice girl but i’m worried about being able to keep an eyes on both of these children while on the road. But Tiffany has a friend now and she can relate to someone so I am happy for her. It is just up to me to keep them safe until we all get home.

Torynn' s Trail Recollections
The Road to Traigador

Today’s breakfast was some gamey rabbits. As we headed out, we encountered an old man in the forest. He had no eyes in his head, but claimed to be able to see a plateau. He remembered seeing a Light and feeling Warmth upon the plateau, after leaving the Mountain Pass. He gave us his name as Hobordegan. We decided to take him with us toward the next town.

Traveling further, we encountered an overgrown stone monument. It was covered in what looked like magic scribble script. Our Warlock went to touch it, so I moved way back. I wanted nothing to do with touching sparkly-glowy magic stuff. He started reciting something about an Order I’d never heard of. He suggested we pay tribute to them, so I decided to leave one of my spare javelins as a remembrance.

Sunset was starting to fall and the terrain was becoming rougher when we found a fancy mirror that had been broken, leaning against a tree. Dazneil cast a mending spell to fix it, but fixing it made some sort of magic charm grab him and Tiffany. I tried to smash the mirror with a thrown dagger, but it just glanced off. It was apparently a Far Gate. Tanya convinced us to lay it face down and move on.

As we set up camp for the night, 3 elves approached our boundaries. The male leader was a High elf, and his companions were Drow Women. They asked if they could share our fire for the night, and we acquiesced. They were named Summerstill, Table, and Tassel. Apparently Dazneil is a Captain. Who knew?

The elven pilgrims are looking for the Temple of Corellon that we ransacked. Frederic told them that we broke it. I could kill him sometimes. Summerstill is apparently looking to become Corellon’s Paragon by claiming the last Paragon’s treasure. Based on his description of the Paragons I think my father might’ve been one, but I can’t be sure.

Apparently Frederic looted the magic ring that Summerstill is looking for. I screamed for everyone to calm down, and my whole party did, but Summerstill still attacked. His sparkly-glowy dance magic slowed Frederic and Trixie. He dodged away from my blows as I attempted to subdue him with a strange dance. My party put down one of his companions with a lightning bolt and he reacted by erupting the campfire into a fireball. Summerstill split into 3 images as I continued my assault on him, and I spun to hit the remaining Drow with a glancing blow. Frederic surrendered the ring and the elves fled, but not before Trixie knocked Summerstill unconscious.

Hinavam (sp?) Disapproved of the whole shebang. Today’s been weird.

The next day, we traveled without incident to the outskirts of Traigador. Dusk was falling, so we decided to seek shelter at a farm along the road. There were some dead cows outside, and as we walked closer a 2-headed giant attacked us with a boulder and started shouting at us. The Farmfolk then appeared and started shouting like the giant was some kinda rodent.

We felled the Ettin and were offered shelter by the Farmfolk. Holland (old man), Regina (old woman), Jonathon (younger man), and Elise (young girl) filled us in on the local situation. 3 weeks ago Rats appeared all over town, with dead people laying around the streets. Holland claims the survivors have moved into the mine that lies through the city. Regina asked us not to go into the cellar, which really makes me want to check it out. This is apparently Hobo’s family,

As we were trying to get to sleep, the Farmfolk came in as Were-rats and tried to kill us. We dispatched the adults, but not without knocking down the ceiling of the bedroom. Hobo is fine, and we’ve acquired another little rat-girl in the form of Elise. We needed to hide the bodies before we traumatized Elise as badly as Tiffany is.
It’s been a long day, so we’re resting up before we head into the city tomorrow morning.

Pre-Portal Paragon's Price Plot Points
Garrett Tries to Recap Post Midnight
  • Meterathi is on lockdown
  • Tanya, Torynn, Dazneil, Trixie, and Frederic meet up at the Philadox Arcadia
  • Rendill Halfmoon advises the group of current goings on, and the group ends up deciding to head to the Amaranthine Order
  • On the way there we see someone get murdered and nearly take the fall for the killing.
  • Follow Hooded Figure into the sewers, Fight Bus Rat and Giant Spider
  • Group is inducted into the Penumbral Knights (IIRC) and sent on mission to Traigador
  • Torynn and Frederic are nearly caught by Frederic’s father as the group evacuates the locked down city.
  • Feather Fall out of city, step into the shadow realm, flee all day, Fight a Banshee
  • Rest at ruined fort
  • Discovered by Patrol in the morning Tanya and Torynn attempt diplomacy, foiled by Sleepy Dan
  • Battle breaks floor of Fort, revealing dungeon
  • Explore dungeon, Gain Were-rat girl “Tiffany”, Kill Were-rat man, see vision from Corellon, Tanya Argues with said god
  • Continue exploring, fight Sword Dog who was Previous Paragon’s Pet
  • Exit Dungeon, Head toward Traigador
  • Encounter Paragon Marker Statue, Tanya communes with Corellon again
  • Continue toward Traigador
  • Encounter Pond, fight Water Elemental
  • Take Long Rest
  • Rest interrupted by Harpy song.
  • Kill some Harpies so we can get some shut-eye
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