Dazneil Star


Dazneil Star is a dark skinned, protector aasimar. His hair appears white but is actually clear. Each stand of hair is shaped in such a way that when they reflect light, it give his hair a prismatic halo or glow. He often fashions a well trimmed goatee. He wears a white military long coat as a sign that he is off the Protectors of Freedom or the PoF. It’s their job to protect the peace and ease the troubles if there people of New Heavon.


His true origin is unknown. He was found as a baby in a creator after a star shower. He was found by Meara, an old hermit lady commonly referred to as the witch of the forest. She named him Dazneil Star as he was her dazzling star from the heavens. They lived in an old cottage on the outskirts of New Heavon, a massive city state know as the shining beacon of justice and equality. He would often sneak away from home and travel to the nearby village to play with the children, even though he was told not to. The villagers were always welcoming and thought of him as one of their own. One day, on one of these outings, he and a couple children where attacked by a group of goblins that snuck past the border. The children tried to run but some of them​ fell behind. While Dazneil was far enough ahead to be safe, he decided in that moment that the people who had accepted him and given him a home needed to be protected. He ran back and stood between the goblins and his friends and was stuck down. As his consciousness faded he saw a bright light and was drawn towards it. The light spoke, saying “Child who would sacrifice your life for others, you need not die here. I offer you a portion of my power to change your fate. Accept it if you truly have the will to protect those around you.” Dazneil agreed without any hesitation and in that moment his body bursted with radiant light, sending the goblins flying back and raising him to his feet. His friends and the goblins stood in awe as his hair shifted from black to what appeared to be white…

Dazneil Star

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