Maya Merlarn

5'7 Slender woman with medium length brown hair always dressed to impress.


Being one of the founding members of the Auric order and most often the first person that people think of when they think of the order Maya is always very well kept and dressed to impress. She might be one of the founders but most of the time she can be found at the front of the building bar-tending. She is always very nice and polite to everyone that she meets and has no problem lending a helping hand to anyone in need. . Maya is a Pacifist at heart and hates fighting more then most people in these troubled times. However, she shows no mercy to those who stand in the way of the greater good or those who threaten her friends. With no family to call her own Her friends at the Auric order are the most important things in the world to her and she will defend any of them with a ferocity that no one wants to cross.


Maya Merlarn

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