Tanya Mareon

5'6 with an average build for a human Red hair and Brown eyes. Love for cloths and weapons


Tanya stands at 5’6 with a slender build. She has Red hair and Blue eyes. Tanya can normally be seen in a set of plate armor though she prefers casual and more dressy cloths.

Tanya is steadfast and loyal and will do whatever it takes to protect her friends and loved ones. She tries her best to put on a strong front but has a very soft side for those that can not defend themselves and will help them any way that she can.

Tanya has an adventurous attitude and a love for trying things that might seems strange or childish to others. She is a playful woman with a love of children and is a bit on the over dramatic side. Tanya is not afraid to get her hands dirty or accept any challenge. Tanya is a very beautiful young woman though she does not pay it much mind she has been told on numerous occasion. When she takes the time to dress to impress few can resist her but be careful not to get to close or you might be shocked to see what happens.

Tanya’s weapon of choice is either a 1 or 2 handed sword either with or without a shield. She relies on her strength and magic to keep both her and her friends safe. Tanya is skilled in both attack and defense though she tends to prioritize attacking. Tanya is a very skilled strategist in combat as she normally tries to set up hoards of enemies to take down at once to save on her magic power. However, thanks to her tragic upbringing and her lack of knowledge of the world outside of combat she is often very naive and easily taken advantage of outside of combat. She is quick to forgive those who have wronged her and has a soft heart but if she catches anyone repressing the weak or hurting her loved ones she will show you no mercy.


Tanya is a cleric of Erathis. Tanya and her sister where raised in a small town and praised as skilled Clerics, neither one wanting to be out done by the other they where constantly locked in friendly competition. Tragedy struck the young ladies town and they where taken captive by a concurring nation. After being imprisoned for a few years and subjected to many types of elemental torture both her and her sister developed special magics that allowed them to escape there captives. That day Tanya vowed to always stand up for people being treated unfairly by those with power. Tanya’s sister Carla took a different path and vowed to bring all existing powers to the ground and rest herself on top of a new world in order to stop the horrors of the world from continuing. After a long and hard battle Carla defeated Tanya and vowed to change the world. When Tanya awoke she was alone and made an oath to save the world both from corruption and evil as well as her sister in hopes of showing Carla a better way.

Tanya Mareon

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