Torynn, Champion of Garretson

Tall, Blonde, Human with a very large hammer.


Torynn stands 6’1", with a fairly muscular build. Her long, blonde hair is worn pulled back in a loose braid so that it is kept clear of her blue eyes. She wears a well worn set of traveling clothes, accompanied by a weather-beaten cloak. Her manner is often friendly, and she’ll happily drink and carouse with nearly anyone. At times, Torynn can be protective and almost motherly to those she’s gathered near to herself.

When the time comes for violence, Torynn’s tool of choice is the Maul that she carries; but should the need arise, she carries 2 hand axes and several javelins.


Torynn hails from the village of Garretson, West of Meterathi. She grew up listening to stories of her adventurer father, Thor, who was said to be on a divine mission for the god Kord. Young Torynn idolized the absent father and decided early on that she would one day become an adventurer in her own right, and set out to find her father.

Before that day could come, her village was visited by diplomats from the Erathis Empire. They made an offer of protection in exchange for the swearing of fealty, but the village chief declined. The diplomats smiled as they told the chief that the desires of the villagers would be honored, but Torynn thought she saw anger smoldering behind their eyes. Garretson was left to it’s own devices while the diplomats moved onward, annexing the neighboring countryside in the name of Erathis.

Life continued on while the boundaries of the Empire flowed around Garretson’s borders, until one day when a large gang of bandits and thugs began to lay siege to the town. Torynn helped to organize a defense of the town center, and when the bandits’ major offensive came, she fought on the front lines. Utilizing skills she’d been practicing since childhood, she led a counterattack against the enemies’ stalled ranks. Her bright blonde hair streaming behind her, she waded deep into the hostile lines. With each bandit felled by her hammer, more and more eyes fell upon her. Soon Torynn stood face to face with the leader of the thugs, a vicious Tiefling named Melech.

Looking into his eyes on the battlefield, Torynn felt a primal rage swell within her. She screamed with an intensity she’d never felt before as they fell into combat with each other. Through this new wellspring of power she defeated Melech and broke the bandit assault, forcing them to scatter and flee.

The enemy forces had been routed, but the damage to the village was substantial and there were many casualties, Torynn’s mother among them. The very next day after the battle the Erathian diplomats returned, this time offering rebuilding and relief aid that Garretson desperately needed. It was then that the village and it’s surrounding lands joined the Empire.

For her role in defending the town and defeating Melech singlehanded, Torynn was awarded the Imperial Title “Champion of Garretson” along with a citizenship permitting her the right of travel throughout Imperial lands.

Torynn herself suspects that Melech’s Marauders were sent by the Erathian diplomats to subjugate Garretson without sullying Erathis’ name. Due to this, she tends to distrust those people assosciated with the business of running the Empire. She has traveled to Meterathi in search of evidence that the Empire did order the siege of her village, and to track down those responsible and serve them their Just Desserts.

Torynn, Champion of Garretson

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