Trixie Gray


Trixie Gray is loyal to a fault. She followas orders, rarely with hesitation. Growing up with military parents and joining it herself is a likely reason. She takes pride in her archery abilities and her need for extra preparedness (which is why she usually has plenty of rations and arrows on her at all times). She’s likely to put others’ safety and wellbeing before her own, generally a good trait to have as a warrior.

Trixie’s fur has a cheetah-like pattern on it. She’s short for a Tabaxi but is just as agile and swift as the rest. She wears a long, black leather hunter’s armor. It is similar in appearance to a dress with leg and arm guards to allow the full range of movement while remaining shielded from many attacks.


Trixie Gray was born into the roaming clans of Tabaxi around New Heavon. Her clan was recruited to protect the borders of the city in exchange for gold, food, clothing, armor, medicine, and so forth. Both of her parents are proud, honorable warriors and she followed in their pawprints. Working hard to protect the city and earn a living, Trixie earned a place in the Hunter Black Ops. They are special hunters who venture outside the border on special missions. Gray’s current mission is to accompany Dazneil Star, guiding him to the Meterathi City in the Erathis Empire. Although she has vowed to serve Dazneil and her superiors to the fullest of her ability, she was reluctant to join him on this mission, hence her less than stellar attitude. Gray was specifically requested due to her abilities and loyalty, so she accepted. She prefers missions closer to home and predicted this would be a long one. She’s scared that the New Heavon she returns to will be one she doesn’t recognize or identify as home.

Trixie Gray

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