Unlikely paladin on a quest of discovery and vengence.


A slender fair skinned half elf. His hair is elegant and silver in color down to the shoulder. Pale blue skin hints towards his drow blood. Pretty to the point of androgynous, without the martial arms it is common for him to be misgendered. A master of both Eisenfaust and Durchsetzungburg along with the foreign martial art, Zepeda, Ashlen is a wellspring of martial and academic knowledge.

Seemingly lofty but deceptively cunning and cruel. Quick and quiet to pass judgment. Self motivated and reliant to a fault. Brilliant leader and speaker. Disgusted by misogyny of any kind and despises feminine weakness. Strength and drive rule the world and should be strived for. Powerful women are the most respected.

Strength of self and virtue. Equality for both women and elf. No mercy for the wicked or unjust. Vengeance is ultimate goal vs the Eisen royals, especially Sieger Bertis


Not much is known about Ashlen’s adolescence and younger. As a young man, Ashlen trained under the tutelage of a master only know by the name, Lantis. Both master and student had been looked down by society due their race and social standing. Lantis stoked the embers of vengeance and power in Ashlen’s heart, molding him into an elegant weapon of deceit and destruction. Once Ashlen had completed his training he was placed carefully into the ranks of the Paladins of the Silver Knight. With forged credentials, a couple bribes, and some luck, Ashlen takes his place in Eisen society as a fledgling paladin.


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