Paragon's Price

Tanya's log 2

After we woke up from our rest at the farm house we made our way to town. We where met by 2 guards that told us not to enter the town. However we had to get past them in order to find hinevam so we ignored there attempts to stop us mumbling about a curse. However once we got into town we noticed that there warnings where more then just mumbles. The entire town had been placed under a curse that made them look like were-rats. After speaking to the head office she told us that the guards where not the town guard and they had no idea why they where there. We asked about Hinevam but she knew nothing. We made our way to the market place, we where met with some pick-pockets that Trixie quickly gave some tough love to and straightened them out. She is a bit quirky but I am growing rather fond of her as a companion, she will be a good example for Tiffany and Elise and if anything happens to me I know that both her and Dasneil will see to it that they are safe. After the market place we found ourselves in an ally walking back when we where attacked by a group of were- rats and a guy claiming to be something called a paragon. Though Paragon as he might have thought he was he made the mistake of not knowing his enemy and after getting the kids to safety we where able to force him to flee into a hole into the ground that he made. After that we met up with an old Dragonborn named Ixen Isk. He told us of the Paragons as much as he could but was afraid that if he gave us to much knowledge that we would be trapped in his other dimension house with him forever. Ixen agreed to allow the children to stay with him in his home while we went to search for Hinevam because time flows differently there and it would not seem like we where gone for very long. We made our way into an underground mines and we found traces of Hinevam’s cloths so we rushed in to save him. We where met by 2 Giant living hands that had mouths where there palms are. We quickly dispatched them though I think Trixie might need some therapy after this is all said and done. We traveled further into the mines until we found a huge room full of were-rats and hand monsters. The “Paragon” that jumped us earlier in the ally was standing on the top of a of a ledge with 5 people bound and blindfolded. We noticed the pink skin and the tail of one of them to be Hinevom so we rushed in to save him.

We where able to take care of the were-rats with little effort but the strange magical circle made us very nervous. We where not in time to stop the ritual that took place, we got Hinevam out of there as well as the rest of the sacrifices. Though apparently they did not need them at all because the were- rat was able to summon there god. The body was a mass of flesh that looked like it was just a mass of body parts thrown together. Torynn, Champion of Garretson and I where able to hold off the monster until the rest of the group was able to burn it alive with the coal and fire of the mines. For a split second we thought the battle was won but we where wrong. The god emerged from the molten rock and was ready for a second round. Just as we thought this might be the end for us a hole blew open in the wall and 2 men came fourth. One of them flew straight at the monster dealing heavy blows with his mighty hammer. While the other came with us and guided us out of the room. We found a lift that took us up and out of the mines. The god broke free of the building with its now massive size and proceeded to follow us. We saw a platue in the distance that looks like the one that Hobo kept describing to us. Then out of freaking no ware this large construct looking monster appeared and destroyed the god with just 1 punch. Now it has it’s sights set on us and I find myself thinking that I am glad that we left the children in another dimension.


Stagerspell Tanya

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